SumerSports’ Eager, Seth, and Brown Publish Offensive Line Paper at MIT Sloan Conference

by SumerSports|February 14, 2024


At SumerSports we’re constantly working to improve the ways in which teams evaluate, valuate, and develop players. Recently, our own Eric Eager, Tej Seth, and Ben Brown derived a set of offensive line evaluation tools, along with former NFL offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz and current Detroit Lions staffer Haley English, which is being published as a part of the 2024 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. 

You can find the paper here: Using Tracking Data to Build Offensive Line Development Tools ( 


American football has in recent years made drastic shifts towards the quantitative. The proliferation of charting and tracking data has given us the ability to better evaluate and value players, but player development has been left wanting. In this paper we use NFL’s Next Gen Stats data to build tools for offensive linemen in pass protection, which will help teams more efficiently watch film, monitor performance and fitness, build rosters, and game plan, with player development as the central focus.  


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