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Thomas Dimitroff, former NFL General Manager

Command center for the

NFL General Manager

  • Use our AI-powered insights to maximize your team’s winning potential
  • Access to elite analytics to help you optimize salary cap output  
“The co-pilot needed for modern NFL GMs”
Thomas Dimitroff, Former GM – Atlanta Falcons

providing intelligence for the entire front office

Support hub for the

NFL Front Office

  • Leverage proprietary SumerSports data to elevate the team’s knowledge in football analytics, leading to more data-driven decision-making
  • Tools available for: AGM, C&C, Director of Player Personnel and more

Command center for

NCAA Personnel

  • Leverage our transfer portal insights and optimize your roster for success
  • Pair your own expertise with objective data-driven insights to build a winning team with confidence
  • Tools available for: GM, Personnel Director, Athletic Director and more 
SumerSports NFL data

Data-driven insights powered by real-world NFL expertise and AI. Your competitive edge starts with SumerSports. 

To see how we use your information, view our Privacy Policy