SumerSports Show - Episode 70


Professor Cade Massey joins the show for a conversation about his research in the fields of sports analytics, uncertainty, and the intersection of the two.

Show Notes:
1:36 Cade’s background and how he got into sports analytics, including the research that went into his paper with Nobel Prize-winner Richard Thaler on the NFL Draft

5:06 Discussing Cade’s papers on the NFL Draft. Are some teams better at picking players than others, adjusting for draft position?

10:29 Draft curve creation discussion. How was working with Thaler?

12:30 How does Cade’s traditional research line up with sports analytics?

16:23 Discussion of the Massey-Peabody rankings

27:01 Loser’s Curse/surplus value in the NFL Draft discussion

32:14 Optimizing NFL rosters

34:45 Algorithm aversion

38:20 What can you draw from analytics in other sports?

40:45 Listener questions


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