SumerSports Show - Episode 75


Shawn Syed (Director of Communications at SumerSports) joins the show to talk about a recent article of his breaking down the San Francisco 49ers.

1:27 Intro to Shawn Syed and his article on the Shanahan offense

3:28 How does Shawn know so much about the Shanahan offense?

4:45 McVay offenses versus Shanahan offenses

7:30 Setting up play action

13:40 Deception in general

17:37 A discussion of San Francisco’s personnel

22:56 How wide receivers in the backfield change the math

26:24 The quarterback question for the 49ers

33:36 How are Shanahan’s ideas spreading across the league?

41:39 A discussion of how the Chargers and Saints slowed down San Francisco last year


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