SumerSports Show - Episode 86


Parker Fleming interviews former NFL offensive linemen and current Fox sports football analyst Geoff Schwartz.

1:50 intro to Geoff Schwartz
3:12 Geoff talks about the transition from player to analyst
5:35 How playing for multiple teams helped Geoff analyze football better
10:28 Where do Geoff’s eyes go when he’s watching a game?
11:44 How has the emergence of athletic freaks changed offensive line play?
15:32 A discussion of weak-link systems along the offensive line
17:19 The analytics and film of offensive line play
23:50 Additional ways in which analytics can help offensive line play
29:15 The difference in development cycles between college and pro
33:00 What’s the hardest skill to teach offensive linemen?
34:15 What makes it possible for older offensive linemen to succeed in the NFL?
35:39 A discussion of the Oregon Ducks This podcast is proudly brought to you by Circa Sports.


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