Making the infinite finite

NFL front offices face uncountable decisions: draft selections, free agent signings, trades, extensions, tags, contract restructures, cutdowns. And many factors influence these decisions: player evaluations, coaching, schemes, salaries, opponents, injuries. Putting it all together, there are more ways to build a roster than there are atoms in the observable universe. Our software, MARVAL (MAximize Roster VALue), helps decision-makers explore this vast search space to find their optimal team.

MARVAL optimizes the roster building process so that teams can make real-time decisions with confidence.

We organize the process of roster building along three steps:

Step 1

Identify Feasible Rosters

Identify all rosters that could be built, given the availability of players and salary cap constraints.

Step 2

Evaluate Rosters

Develop a process for evaluating any proposed roster with a single number, called roster value.

Step 3

Find the Best Roster

Among the possible rosters, find the one with the highest roster value.

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