Making the infinite finite

Winning in the NFL starts with fielding the best roster possible. Building that roster is not so easy. Player evaluation is just the beginning. You must also factor in the salary cap, fixed number of roster spots, athletes available, injuries, the varied requirements of your specific offensive and defensive schemes, and so much more. Not to mention that there are trillions of roster combinations available to a club each year. Little wonder why roster building is such a daunting task.

Our software, MARVAL (MAximize Roster VALue), enables front offices to explore the incomprehensibly large number of roster possibilities to find that optimal team. MARVAL puts the power of modern computing at the fingertips of GMs, augmenting their decision making.

We organize the process of roster building along three steps:

  1. Develop a process for evaluating any proposed roster with a single number, called roster value.
  2. Identify all rosters that could be built, given the availability of players and salary cap constraints.
  3. Among the possible rosters, find the one with the highest roster value.

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