Wide Receiver

NameTeamSeasonRoutes RunReceptionsRec. YardsTouchdownsYACCatch %Total EPATargets/Route RunExpected YPRRYPRRAdjusted YPRR

Adjusted YPRR: Yards Per Route Run (YPRR) – Expected YPRR + League Average

Catch %: The amount of catches per targets for a pass catcher

Expected YPRR: Expected yards per route run determined by a linear mixed effects model using offensive personnel, down and distance

Name: The name of the player

Rec. Yards: The total amount of receiving yards for a pass catcher

Receptions: The total amount of caught passes

Routes Run: The total amount of pass plays a wide receiver was on the field for

Targets/Route Run: The amount of targets divided by the amount of routes run

Team: The team that the player played for at the end of the season

Total EPA: The total amount of Expected Points Added (EPA) from targets

Touchdowns: The total amount of receiving touchdowns for a pass catcher

YAC: The amount of yards a pass catcher accumulated after the catch

YPRR: The total yards divided by the total routes run