QuarterbackTeamPlaysTotal EPAEPA/PlayPass EPARush EPAScramble %Sack %ADoTComp %Pass YardsPass TDINTYPARush YardsRush TD

ADoT: Average Depth of Target (ADoT)

Comp%: Completion Percentage

EPA/Play: Total Expected Points Added (EPA) divided by total plays

INT’s: Total interceptions thrown

Passing EPA: Passing Expected Points Added (EPA)

Passing Touchdowns: Total passing touchdowns

Passing Yards: Total passing yards

Plays: The amount of plays (passes, designed rushes, scrambles and sacks)

Quarterback: The name of the player

Rushing EPA: Rushing Expected Points Added (EPA) on scrambles and designed rushes

Rushing TD’s: Total rushing touchdowns

Rushing Yards: Total rushing yards (scramble yards + desgined rushing yards)

Sack Rate: Sacks divided by total dropbacks

Scramble Rate: Scrambles divided by total dropbacks

Team: The team that the player played for at the end of the season

YPA: Passing yards divided by passing attempts

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