Ball Carrier

NameTeamEPA/RushTotal EPARush YardsRush TDYards Per CarrySuccess %TFL %Explosive %First Down %Yards CreatedRelative YPC

EPA/Rush: Average Rushing Expected Points Added (EPA) on scrambles and designed rushes

Explosive %: Percent of rushing plays that were in the top 10 percentile of yards gained

First Down %: Rate of getting a first down on a rushing play

Name: The name of the player

Relative YPC: The player’s yards per carry relative to their teammates

Rush TD: Total rushing touchdowns

Rush Yards: Total rushing yards (scramble yards + desgined rushing yards)

Rushes: The number of rushing plays done by this player

Success %: Rate of getting positive EPA on rush play

Team: The team that the player played for at the end of the season

TFL %: Rate of getting tackled for loss on a rushing play

Total EPA: Rushing Expected Points Added (EPA)

Yards Created: Adjusting yards per carry based on situation and defensive pre-snap look

Yards Per Carry: Average Rushing yards gained